The Arrival of Spring Gives Kids a Reason to Learn to Count!

The five Dacobots live in a fun world of games; however, at the same time, their world is also characterized by continuous learning! As a result, they always find a lot of occasions to learn where you would least expect them to exist! No wonder the arrival of spring made them create a new educational game series to help kids improve their understanding of the traits and the natural phenomena that are specific to this season. After the two series dedicated to the colder seasons - 'Autumn Secrets' and 'Winter Magic', the return of the warm weather is celebrated on the portal through 'Signs of Spring' - a new collection of elearning games for kids! The 26 spring-themed educational games introduce kids to the plants, animals, fruit, vegetables, and human customs that are typical of that season. But the five robots thought that was not enough! They also wanted to include as much information as possible in the elearning activities on the portal in order for kids to gain multiple abilities by playing them. When creating the 'Sings of Spring' series, they focused especially on the capacity to identify and use digits properly by associating them with their corresponding digits.

Count the Sunrays!

This elearning game targets all preschoolers, regardless of their previous knowledge of digits. Those who are already familiar with numbers and their graphic repesentations can practice and strengthen their skills. Those who need to improve their numeracy can learn along with Derzelis by playing this game! Whenever the players fail to give the right answer, Derzelis gives them a second, and then even a third chance! At the end of the game, all players are rewarded with a card.

How does the game work?

During the first round, the warm and joyful Sun of spring appears on the left side of the screen. Derzelis shows up in the medallion at the lower right corner of the screen and starts instructing children to count the sunrays. At first, the Sun can have between one and three rays. In the meanwhile, the digits from 1 to 3 are displayed at the center. They are made of spring flowers! Players have to press on the digit that matches the number of sunrays shown at that moment.
During the second round, kids can practice the use of the digits 4, 5, and 6. Derzelis gives the instructions again. The task remains the same. As mentioned above, this game is suitable for the kids who know and those who don't know the digits. For instance, if the sun has four rays and the players press on the digit '5', Derzelis gives them a second chance; players can still earn the reward in the end. Kids can thus learn from their own experience. Knowledge retention is increased.
The third and final round focuses on the digits 7, 8, and 9. In order for kids to form a clear mental connection between digits and numbers, Derzelis utters the name of each digit whenever players hover their mouse over it. The name of the digit is also spelled in a speech bubble.
A progress tracker is located on the right side of the screen throughout the entire game. For each right answer, another sunray is added in an empty slot. The game reaches its end when all the slots are filled with sunrays. Each sunray comes as a reward for having identified a digit properly.
How many sunrays can you find? Visit the educational portal to find that out!