Your Early Christmas Present – ‘Dancing Snowflakes’!


As always, Santa has already started wrapping up presents for the upcoming Christmas. However, this winter, he has a surprise for all the kids on Earth. Besides the usual presents, he teamed up with the Dacobots crew and created a new elearning game for kids entitled ‘Dancing Snowflakes’, which is now available on the portal.

‘Dancing Snowflakes’ is an educational activity included in the ‘Winter Magic’ series among other winter-themed games for preschoolers. By playing this educational game, kids can practice their knowledge of numbers and digits and have fun at the same time!

Children are guided throughout the entire game by the Dacobot Derzelis. The task that they have to fulfil becomes increasingly more difficult as the game advances. At first, kids can practice their knowledge of the digits from 1 to 3. During the first level, one, two, or three snowflakes fall from the sky. Children have to identify the proper digit and to press on its corresponding icon. The high level of interactivity in this game makes it very entertaining to all preschoolers. During the second level, the challenge is augmented by an increase in the value of the numbers. Thus, kids have to recognize the digits from 4 to 6. Similarly, the third level includes the digits from 7 to 9. At the end of the game, Derzelis offers a reward – one of the Dacobots collectable cards featured in the ‘Cards’ section on the Dacobots portal.
Press here to enjoy your early Christmas present now!